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Our challenge is to make a reliable production units for our customers, in the most effective but smart way. Therefore, we work very thoroughly on the selection of the materials and are extremely careful with regulations in environmental protection, process and occupational safety. Because the designed unit is an integral part of the complex production chain normally, we always pay a lot of attention to small but very important details like gaskets and couplings.


Project development


  • Inspection of production area at the customer's facilities
  • Comparison and analysis of technical alternatives
  • Process calculations, design and sizing of equipment
  • 3D models of equipment and production lines
  • Process trials at the pilot facilities in Germany, France, Switzerland, and the USA


Montage and installation at the customer's facilities


  • Montage of glass and glass-lined equipment
  • Montage and installation of filters/dryers and powder handling equipment
  • Montage and installation of distillation equipment
  • Montage of heating/cooling systems
  • Installation of electrical cabinets and control panels


Commissioning and process support


  • Check of the equipment and production unit (visual inspections, tests under vacuum and/or pressure, performance testing)
  • Test runs of the equipment
  • Process development and optimization
  • Validation services: documentation and performing the tests (IQ, OQ, PQ)


Modernization and optimization of production units


  • Increase of productivity (scale-up) for glass and glass-lined equipment
  • Functional upgrade of reaction unit and engineered systems
  • Development of automatic sampling systems
  • Implementation of the explosion protection for the glass plants


Maintenance and repairs


  • Calibration services: temperature probes, pressure gauges and pressure sensors, pH electrodes, dissolved oxygen/conductivity measurement,
    flow meters
  • Repairs of glass-lined equipment (various manufacturers) at the De Dietrich facilities in Zinswiller, France: reglassing, refurbishment, upgrade of mechanical seals, etc.
  • Repairs of heating/cooling units, filter-dryers, and powder handling systems, distillation equipment, etc.
  • Upgrade and replacement of thermal insulation, sealings, gaskets, and valves


Documentation support


  • Translation of documents (English, German, Ukrainian, Russian): operation manuals, operating procedures, technical datasheets, safety instructions, etc.
  • Localization of interfaces and software
  • Technical drawings
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