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Process technologies

We supply the process know-how developed by De Dietrich Process Systems and provide excellent local support at each stage of the project. The advantages of the De Dietrich technologies are:


  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Wide use of borosilicate glass 3.3 and glass-lined steel (but not limited of them)


  • One-shop supplier
  • Supply of main production units, all necessary equipment (pumps, vessels, etc.), components and parts from the same supplier)


  • Process performance warranty
  • We ensure not only the perfect function of the production plant but also the expected results (productivity and quality of the final product)


Recovery, concentration and purification of mineral acids


  • Sulphuric acid dilution
  • Concentration of sulfuric acid
  • Nitric acid concentration
  • Denitration and recovery of mixed acids from nitration plants
  • Hydrochloric acid recovery
  • Concentration of hydrochloric acid above the azeotropic point by extractive distillation or two pressure process
  • Purification of spent acids from etching processes
  • High purified (electronic grade) acids: HCl, HNO3, H2SO4


Reactions with halogens and hydrogen chloride


  • Bromine recovery from sea water
  • Debromination / bromine recovery from salt solutions
  • Iodine recovery
  • NaOCl Production
  • H2S gas production



Product recovery and product purification


  • Solvent recovery by evaporation, distillation and rectification like MDC, NMP, DMF, alcohols, cleaning solvent, etc.
  • Rectification of binary and multi-component mixtures (e.g. epichlorhydrin)
  • Production of absolute alcohol by extractive or azeotropic distillation
  • Recovery of organics by solvent extraction: phenol, pyridine, DMF, NMP
  • Recovery of metal salts and acides by solvent extraction: acetic acid, thioglycolic acid, ammonium molybdate, iron-3-chloride
  • Dehydration of organics (amines, THF) by caustic packed bed adsorption
  • Purification of natural extracts (e.g. essential oils)


Exhaust gas / exhaust air purification


  • Drying of SO2 or Cl2 using sulphuric acid
  • Absorption of HCl, HBr, SO3 and Cl2, Br2, SO2
  • Combined absorption of HCl and SO2
  • NOx-absorption
  • Absorption of ethylene oxide or ammonia
  • Absorption and recovery of volatile organic components
  • Solvent condensation unit
  • Neutralisation and valorisation of asbestos waste


Waste water treatment


  • Stripping of partly miscible components (toluene, chloroform, MDC etc.)
  • Stripping of ammonia
  • Extraction of high boiling impurities with recovery
  • Multiple-effect evaporation of waste water with or without solvent recovery (e. g. NMP, DMF, phenol)
  • Production of polyaluminium chloride (PAC)

Scope of services


To ensure the reliability of the process developed by De Dietrich, we offer a broad range of services and technical support:

  • Local evaluation of the production area
  • Trial experiments at the QVF pilot plant facility in Wiesbaden, Germany
  • Basic engineering (mass and energy balances, process flow diagrams, specifications of main units, pumps, heat exchangers, etc.)
  • Detailed engineering (P&I diagrams, general arrangement drawings, 3D models, specifications of piping, valves and control devices)
  • Manufacturing and supply of the equipment
  • Montage and assembly of glass plants, glass-lined components and all other auxiliary equipment at the customer's side
  • Loop check of the equipment (visual inspection, test under vacuum)
  • Test run with water
  • Performance test with the customer's products
  • Training of personnel
  • Validation of equipment and process (IQ/OQ/PQ): documentation and tests
  • Process engineering services: debottlenecking, process improvements and optimization
  • Calibration of sensors and instruments (temperature, pressure, flow rate, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, etc.)
  • Translations of documentation in local languages (manuals, safety instructions, operating procedures, etc.)
  • Supply of spare parts and consumables
  • Repairs and refurbishment: on-site or at the service facilities
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